Pace of Play Helpful Hints:

In a CONTINUING effort to speed up pace of play, each group is encouraged to do the following. 

1. Take 3 clubs with you if it is cart path only on that day. 

2. Leap Frog carts when assigned to paths only, move cart ahead and partner walks forward to cart after hitting   their ball. 

3. Get in the cart immediately after hitting, put your clubs in the bag when you stop for the next player to hit. 

4. Mark the scores down at the next tee box-not at the green. 

5. Pull your cart around to the back of the green BEFORE you putt. 

6. Please turn off cell phones before teeing off.  

7. Please be aware and be courteous to the rest of your foursome.  

8. If it is a team event (and your ball is not going to count) please pick up if you are out of the hole!