Pace of Play Helpful Hints:

In a CONTINUING effort to speed up pace of play, each group is encouraged to do the following. 

1. Play ready golf. (Silence your cell phone. Don’t talk or whisper while someone is hitting.)

2. Be ready for your shot. When possible, determine your yardage and club selection while someone else is hitting.

3. As soon as you’ve hit, your cart partner can drive to their nearby ball and you can walk back to the cart, or they can walk to their ball with clubs while you get in the cart and drive to pick them up.

4. For longer drives, get in the cart with your club, cleaning it at the next stop while your partner is hitting.

5. Limit practice swings.

6. Be aware of the time listed on the scorecard to finish each hole. If you are behind, take responsibility to do what you can to speed up play.

7. Watch other players’ shots, especially on the tee box.

8. Hit a provisional. Search no more than 3 minutes for an OB or lost ball.

9. Park at the back of the green before you putt. Try to avoid walking backwards to the cart or your clubs.

10. Move your clubs with you, placing them in a spot near the walk to the cart.

11. Putt continuously until ball is holed or within 12”. Don’t mark a 2-footer.

12. Pick up according if you are out of the hole.

13. Quickly exit the green, getting in the cart with your clubs. Put them away when you pull your driver out at the next tee box.

14. Announce your gross score but WRITE THEM DOWN AT THE NEXT TEE BOX.

15. Whoever is not keeping score should get out quickly to hit.

16. Players in the first cart should be ready to play first.

17. When it is cart path only, take 3 clubs with you, and walk to the next shot as the cart is moved ahead.

18. Move away from the 18th green, then write your finishing time, scores, and signatures on the scorecard.

1. Take 3 clubs with you if it is cart path only on that day. 

2. Leap frog carts when assigned to paths only, move cart ahead and partner walks forward to cart after hitting their ball. 

3. Get in the cart immediately after hitting, put your clubs in the bag when you stop for the next player to hit. 

4. Pull your cart around to the back of the green BEFORE you putt. 

5. If it is a team event (and your ball is not going to count) please pick up if you are out of the hole!  

6. Mark the scores down at the next tee box and not at the green.

7. Put your clubs away on the next hole and not when you finish a hole, that takes too much time.

8. Please be aware and be courteous to the rest of your foursome.